Why Are Drop-In Grills So Expensive? 5 Main Reasons & Solution

Updated: May 24, 2023


why are drop in grills so expensive

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, you know that the centerpiece of any gathering is the grill. A drop-in grill can be a great addition to your backyard, offering plenty of cooking space and superior performance. But why are drop-in grills so expensive?

The main reason why drop-in grills tend to be more costly is that they are built with better higher-quality materials and components than other types of grilling systems.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why drop-in grills tend to have higher purchase costs than other types of grilling systems and how you can save money without sacrificing features or quality of grill.

We’ll also provide tips for reducing overall ownership costs over time so that you get more out of your investment.

What is Drop-In Grill?

A drop-in grill is an outdoor cooking system installed into a countertop or custom-built stand. It can be gas grill or charcoal grill fueled and has a larger cook space than traditional grills.

Why Are Drop-In Grills So Expensive Than Freestanding Grills?- 5 Main Reasons

There are many reasons why drop-in grills tend to be more expensive than other types of traditional grills, such as freestanding grills or charcoal models, including the following:

1. High-Quality Materials:

high quality materials uses in drop in grill

The quality of the materials used to construct a drop-in grill also affects its cost. Because drop-in grills are designed to be built-in, they typically use high-quality expensive materials than other type of grill.

This includes heavier metals for the frame and more durable, high-quality materials such as stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast iron for the cooking surfaces.

2. Superior Performance:

superior performance by stainless steel burner

Investing in a drop-in grill means investing in superior grill performance.

These grills are designed with high-grade steel burners that can reach high temperatures quickly and maintain even heating across the entire cooking grill surface.

This ensures excellent results with your food every time. That’s why the price for drop-in grills is higher than other grilling systems.

3. Cooking Grates:

porcelain coated cooking grates

Drop-in grills have larger, heavier-duty cooking grates that can withstand higher temperature range and provide more even heat distribution.

These grates are porcelain coated, making them more durable and easier to clean. That’s why the purchase price of a drop-in grill tends to be higher than some other types of grills.

4. Infrastructure:

infrastructure for drop in grills

Another factor contributing to the extra cost of drop-in grills is the infrastructure required for installation. Because they are designed to be built in, they require more time and labor for installation.

This includes building the countertop or framework to hold the grill in place. It also includes leveling the area where the grill will be placed and ensuring it is safe.

In addition, gas lines may need to be installed if the grill is connected to a permanent gas source.

These factors increase the installation cost and, ultimately, the purchase price.

5. Luxury Look:

drop in grill luxurious look

Another reason contributing to the higher cost of drop-in grills is their luxurious look and feel.

These grills are designed to enhance quality outdoor spaces and often have higher-end finishes that make them stand out.

Many of these grills come with heavy-duty stainless steel construction, which looks great but is more expensive.

In addition, drop-in grills often have features like warming drawers, side burners, control knobs, and rotisserie systems for indirect cooking that add to their appeal.

So these above are the main 5 reasons that make drop-in grills more expensive.

Are Drop-In Grills Worth The Cost?

Yes, drop-in grills are certainly worth the price. They offer superior performance and plenty of cooking space. A drop-in grill is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a superior grilling experience.

Plus, they can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen area, especially if you want the overall look of your outdoor kitchen to be stylish and cohesive.

The good news is that drop-in grills don’t have to be expensive grills. With a little research, you can find ways to save money without sacrificing features or quality.

How to Reduce Overall Ownership Costs Over Drop-In Grills?

Here are some helpful tips for reducing overall ownership costs over time:

Choose a grill made with quality materials:

Instead of investing in cheap grill, you should invest in drop-in unit built with higher-quality materials and built to last important.

This will help you avoid costly replacements down the road.

Look for energy-efficient features:

Many drop-in grills are designed to be more energy efficient than other grills.

Features such as insulated grates and stainless steel burners, heat sensors, heat retention and automatic temperature controls can help you reduce energy costs.

Consider a built-in timer:

To ensure your grill is running efficiently, look for a built-in timer. This will help you avoid overcooking and wasting fuel.

Invest in accessories:

You can save money in the long run simply by investing in quality accessories such as griddle plates and rotisserie attachments.

Not only will this add to the versatility of your grill, but it will also reduce the number of times you need to use other cooking equipment.

Do your maintenance:

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your drop-in grill is essential if you want it to last longer. It’s not difficult or expensive and will save you money in the long run.

Is A Drop-In Grill The Right Option For Your Needs? : Think Before Purchase

Now that you know why drop-in are so expensive grills and how to save money on them, it’s time to decide if they are the right option for your needs and budget

Here are some important things you should consider before purchasing a drop-in grill:

Know What Type of Cooking You’ll Be Doing:

A drop-in grill is designed for larger, more complex delicious meals that require longer cook times and a lot of space.

Consider Your Budget:

You’ll need to factor in the upfront cost of the grill, as well as any ongoing maintenance and fuel costs.

Check The Size And Portability:

Drop-in grills can be large and bulky, so ensure you have enough space to store them when not in use.

Consider Features That Are Important To You:

Ensure the drop-in grill has all the features you need, such as multiple burners, control knobs, side shelves, built-in rotisserie system for indirect cooking, and a hood for smoking.


So, in the end, I hope you understand why are drop-in grills so expensive than other types of outdoor kitchen grills. With the right shopping strategies, you can save money while getting the needed features and performance.

By investing in quality parts and doing regular maintenance, you’ll get more out of your investment and can enjoy great outdoor grilling experience entertaining for years to come.

Do you need to vent a drop-in grill?

Yes, most drop-in grills require a venting system to ensure proper air circulation and reduce issues with smoke.

However, some grill models may only require a standard chimney-type vent, while others may need to be connected to your home’s ventilation system.

Does my outdoor grill need a vent hood?

Yes, it is important to have a vent hood to ensure proper air circulation and reduce smoke.

Vent hoods should be large enough to cover the entire grill and should be installed at least one foot above the cooking surface.

How far Should a drop-in gas grill be from the house?

The exact distance will depend on your drop-in gas grill type and the local fire regulations.

Generally, it is recommended to keep built-in grills at least three feet away from combustible materials like the side of a house or deck railings.

Can you use a regular grill as a built-in grill?

No, you cannot use a regular basic grill as a built-in grill. Drop-in grills are designed specifically for built-in applications.

They may look similar to a standard outdoor grill, but they have features and capabilities that are not available with regular grills.



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